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        1. 售后服務

          After Service

        2. 我們的承諾:









          Our commitment:


          Dear customers, thank you for choosing the products made by our Sanmenxia Weizhi Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd.


          Using the products manufactured by Sanmenxia Weizhi Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd., you will enjoy the following after-sales service. That is to say, we need not worry about the quality and technical problems of our products at all, because "quality changes the world" is our eternal commitment.


          Before the contract comes into effect, we will appoint a special commissioner to assist in the ordering process (including design and manufacture, drawing documents, product introduction, etc.) according to customer's requirements. We will provide the buyer with necessary inspection facilities and all technical advisory services. During the period of production and processing, the buyer may send his staff to our factory to supervise production, inspection, commissioning, transportation, etc.


          Convenience in Sale: If there is any discrepancy with the contract, the contract list and the drawings, we will be responsible for the exchange at any time.


          The company is responsible for repairing any breakage in the course of transportation and for replacing it in serious cases.


          Safety after sale: In the course of use, if there are problems in the quality of our original products, we will reply and promise within 24 hours after receiving notification from the demander, and send technical personnel to ensure that the service personnel arrive at the service site in the shortest time. Due to the damage and damage of equipment caused by 

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        4. 營業執照

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